My favorite band of all time, Switchfoot, will be dropping by next week for a show. Extremely psyched!

It's a ton of fun to work on caricatures... hopefully there'll be time to work on more!


Anne Hathaway

It's mindblowing how beautiful she is.


I Am A Soul

My first ever collage piece! A heck a lot of work and a heck a lot of fun.

Thank you Derek Gores for the inspiration, Mr. Mok for the tips and the photo, Jojee, Esther, and Candice for the ballet advice, and Crys for letting me tear up her magazines!


Andy Samberg

One of the funniest men on the planet.


Claus Anders & De'ron "Little D" Simmons

Claus Anders. Hitman driven by rage and revenge. Think Jason Statham-type characters.

De'ron "Little D" Simmons. Conniving, wealthy druglord who's never short of an evil deed.

Character design in illustration class.

World Vision 30-Hour Famine 2011

I had the opportunity to play my part in reducing premature child death by being the main event identity designer for World Vision's upcoming event "30-Hour Famine". It is also one of the biggest projects I've been involved in so far.

Learn more about World Vision's "30-Hour Famine" here.